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The Jolly Rogers PX

Ira Kepford & the Ira Kepford Cup Award


  Squad Nights

Corsair training : Monday, 10:00pm Est

FSO Training :Thursday, 10:00 pm Est

FSO: Friday, 11:00 pm Est 










  Home of

"The Jolly Rogers"

VF-17 of Aces High

WELCOME to the Headquarters of "Virtual" VF-17 Squadron.
We are a squadron that flies in the "Unfriendly Skies" of the WW2 Combat Flight Simulator

Please take a minute off your day to visit the little memorial we dedicated to the brave pilots of the real VF-17.

It is our humble way of keeping their memories alive.

(clic on the picture below to get to the memorial page)

Aces High

This web site is dedicated to those who served in the USN and those who lost their lives in the Second World War.

This site is in no way glorifies war. It is the our hope to educate people
to what the pilots of the period went through, while having some fun ourselves.

All artwork, badges, crests and photos are the property of the artist or author. This is a non commercial site, for hobby use only.